How do most people build wealth today?  They fund mutual funds and/or stocks (either in brokerage accounts or 401(k) Plan or IRA.  However, the consequence of having significant amounts of money in the stock market over the last several years has been dire.

Let’s look at the statistics:  2000-2002 crash – The S&P 500 stock index lost from the highest point to the lowest point 46% of its value. 2007-2009 crash – The S&P 500 stock index lost from the highest point in October of 2007 to the lowest point in March of 2009 59% of its value.

With Retirement Life™, when the stock market goes negative, your cash account is credited with a zero rate of return (zero if your hero in down years). When the stock market increases, you capture some or all of the gains (it depends on the product and the return).

Returns over the last 20 years

Depending on which Retirement Life™ product you look at, the 20 year back tested returns (even with two huge market crashes) have averaged between 7%-8.5%.   Would you have been happy with a tax free return over the last 20 years of between 7%-8.5%?   Most would say absolutely yes.