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From Industry Watchdog to "Client First" Advisor

Roccy turns every financial corner to give you the inside look, the inside review and most importantly, the follow up action to take to keep your money out of harms way.

Whether you are a Client, Educator, or an Advisor

Roccy gives you the tools to protect & preserve your wealth all the while growing your estate.

Roccy M. DeFrancesco, Jr., JD, is the Founder of The Wealth Preservation Institute, the creator of the Certified Wealth Preservation Planner (CWPP™), Certified Asset Protection Planner (CAPP™), Certified Medicaid Planner (CMP™) designations and the Co-Founder of the Asset Protection Society.

Roccy received his B.S. degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (where he also received his commercial pilot’s license) and his J.D. from Valparaiso University School of Law. Roccy is licensed to practice law in both Indiana and Michigan.

Business Analytics

Implementing software as a strategy to get best solutions for clients and advisor alike. Roccy is right in the center of the Fintech movement.

Quick Risk Score

Get quick insights about your investments. Find out how much risk you are taking. Do You Wonder How Risky Your Investments Are?

Home Equity Acceleration Plan

A very simple program that shows you how to use every available dollar every day to pay down debt on your home mortgage.

OnPointe Software

OnPointe Software today is an extension or personal assistant of the advisor client relationship. Long gone are the days of frustrating software experiences. Our OnPointe software was coded with the human experience being paramount.

Learn About Risk

Making Your software experience seemless
Software for a new age

Retiring Without Risk

Retiring Without Risk(RWR) is both a book and a philosophy by which our firm gives advice to clients.  Our philosophy is to help clients reach their financial, estate, and tax-planning goals in the least risky manner possible with the least amount of taxes paid while living and upon death.

Is investing money in the stock market the “best” place to grow wealth?

How do you build a tax-free retirement nest egg in the most efficient and least risky manner possible?


H.E.A.P.™ is Really
Very Simple

Use H.E.A.P.™ to efficiently use every dollar every day to pay down mortgage debt.
Having a monthly balance in a checking account is NOT a good idea (money in a checking account earns you zero or very little interest and that interest is taxed annually).

Financial Education

We believe in the theory that you should only take as much risk as necessary to grow your wealth.

Get Started Now!

For most, risk is something that should be avoided. When you work with the right team of advisors, risk can be mitigated or even avoided without sacrificing returns.

Asset Protection

Asset protection revolves around helping clients who have money protect.

Retirement Planning

Take the least amount of risk to reach your financial goals.

Tax Planning

Remember, your number one guaranteed creditor every year is the IRS.

Lifetime Income

FIA product that is coupled with a guaranteed lifetime income.

Our Partners & Affiliates

Bringing the very best financial education and literacy to the 21st century. The online world is awash with financial information. How can any one person invest, protect and growth their net worth with any confidence. My answer is education, education and more education.